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Sets & Backgrounds

Our studio offers a unique playground

We are always changing our sets and backdrops to ensure that we offer variety and creativity in our photography. Please check back often to see what we have to offer.


The White Room

Soft and light. The White Room provides an elegent scene that can be a sunlit hotel room in Paris or a dawn bedroom in suburbia. Flirty and fun. Very easy for posing and plenty of safer options for those not wanting to reveal too much. Black bra and pantie sets as well as softer white sets and bridal lingerie work well on this set. Long neglegie's and baby dolls look great.

Boudoir sets and backgrounds - Enduring Images Boudoir - Denville, NJ


Pretty Pink Room

Our Pink Vintage Victorian set gives a variety of looks from a high fashion glamour look to a sexy vintage parlor. Great for stockings and corsets as well as pink lingerie such as soft baby dolls. White bridal lingerie works well.

Boudoir sets and backgrounds - Enduring Images Boudoir - Denville, NJ


Playboy Panel

Try out our executive Wood Panel set that has high class appeal. Great for black lingerie and high heels.

Boudoir sets and backgrounds - Enduring Images Boudoir - Denville, NJ


The Steam Room

This corner of our studio is not for the feint hearted. It's a simple, distressed grey corner that offers a great backdrop for some fantastic high contrast glamour and rock star poses. Lots of shadows and harsh lighting, it allows us to get super creative with the poses. Think hot summer evenings in a Brooklyn apartment without air conditioning, or a warm living room scene. Works best with black or darker lingerie.

Boudoir Photography sets - Enduring Images Boudoir - Denville, NJ


Date Night Damask

Very cool damask print that can take on a variety of personalities. From high class black and white glamour to vibrant and sexy boudoir. Great for when the lingerie is a big feature.

Boudoir photography, Denville, NJ


Landsend Lounge

This faded natural wood gives a great fashion look. Ideal for any cowgirls out there. Great for more flirty jeans, bras and button down shirts. Overalls. And a whole host of other cool ideas we haven't even thought of yet.


Fashion Paper

Fashion paper backgrounds give us a very trendy glamour look. Lots of colors to compliment your wardrobe selection and lighting styles to match the mood. Whether that's a cool and edgy rock star look, a soft and romantic beauty style or sophisticated black and whites. Works with absolutely any underwear or lingerie.

Boudoir photography, Denville, NJ

Color Backdrops

If that's not enough for you, we have lots of canvas and muslin backdrops in a variety of colors that we can use to create scenes that compliment your wardrobe.



If you have a great concept and don't think we have the right set at the studio, we still invite you to talk to us. We can create sets and paint backdrops as needed. We can rent locations or use hotels and public spaces etc.


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Enduring Images Photography Studio specializes in making women look and feel great through stunning glamour and boudoir photography combined with exquisite retouching. Mat & Christine help you unleash your inner model and get in touch with your outer sexy. Proudly serving women in Morris County and throughout NJ.

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