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Frequently asked questions about our photography

Before the session

During the Session

After the Session

The Boring but Necessary Stuff


Before the Session


We always hold a consultation before your session for several reasons. Boudoir photography is usually intended for your loved one or as a personal keepsake. If you're going to show off your best assets, you need to feel comfortable with the photographer and the other people involved in the shoot. Meeting with us weeks before the session really helps put your mind at ease and be better prepared. During the consultation we'll plan the session, plan your wardrobe, plan the backgrounds and learn what your comfort level is. You'll be able to see the space we work in and will see the backgrounds you'll use. Just knowing all of that ahead of time really helps you feel more comfortable with the process and helps us plan to get the shots you want.

How do I prepare for the session?

After the consultation you'll have some homework to do. You'll need to gather your clothes and possibly buy some nice new outfits. We'll also send you away with some great practice poses to work on.

Practice in front of mirror

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” It's very true. Everyone knows how to smile, but most people don't walk around every day with that “come hither” look on their face. Smoldering eyes and pouting lips. Give it a shot in front of the mirror and you'll feel so much more comfortable during your session. 

Run your hands through your hair, play with your jewelry, put your hands on your hips. See what looks good. Remember how good you look. It will pay dividends at the studio.

Sleep, Drink and be Merry

As opposed to the more popular, “eat drink and be merry”, we say……….get a good nights sleep. Drink plenty of water. And prepare to have fun.


Whether you're doing a glamour or boudoir session with us, you will need to bring all your own clothing and lingerie. Obviously there are too many sizes and too many styles for us to stock clothing that's going to make you look fabulous. Plus, who really wants to wear a bustier that someone else wore the day before anyway :)

We'll help you plan your wardrobe to match the style and sets you want to use. Most people already have great things to use, but of course, if you're treating yourself to a fabulous experience, picking up something new will make you feel a little more pampered. 

This goes without saying, but all clothing should be neatly pressed.


With boudoir and glamour photography, very often the small details make the biggest difference. It's a great time to have fun and wear jewelry that you wouldn't normally wear. There's some really great and inexpensive pieces of costume jewelry to be found on eBay. Scarves, glasses and hats also make great accessories that can change the look of an outfit and the mood of a picture quickly and easily.

Bathrobe & Slippers

Not a fashion accessory, but definitely a must have item to keep you toasty during the shoot. We do crank the heat during the session but you'll still want to keep covered during hair and makeup adjustments or while we change lighting around on the set.

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During the Session

Hair & Makeup

Hair and makeup really make a big difference to a boudoir or glamour photo shoot. You'll not only look good but you'll also feel great. You're welcome to do your own hair and makeup at the studio, but we highly recommend using a professional service. We have a couple of options. Hair Artistry of Denville, which is right next door to the studio, can do an initial hair and makeup application before your session. But if you want someone to take care of you and make adjustments throughout your entire photo shoot, we can bring in one of our talented local hair and makeup artists.

Music Maestro

We can stream any genre of music during your session to get you in the mood. Whether that's sexy and seductive or rockin' out like a rock star. You are also welcome to bring CDs or an iPod with your own favorite playlists.

You own the studio

Not literally of course, but while you're here, we want you to be comfortable and feel pampered. You control the music, the temperature. Tell us when you need a break. You're the boss.

Alcoholic Drinks (21 and older)

We do allow alcohol in the studio for customers 21 and over, and some sessions come with complimentary wine or champagne. It certainly helps to calm the nerves and break the ice. But for your own safety, we do ask that you limit your alcoholic intake. The studio lighting will be subdued during your session and there are cables and other pieces of lighting equipment that could be dangerous if you start staggering around. Heaven knows, bed spins during a boudoir shoot don't really get you that sultry look, more of a drooling zombie kind of effect.


If you're in for one of our longer sessions you might need a little snack to keep you going. You don't want a huge dinner that will make you feel bloated, but just nice easy snacks that you can graze on are perfect. Also avoid anything that might leave a mess on your clothing or in our studio.  Cheese and grapes are perfect.

Bring a friend

There will always be a female assistant with you at all times during your session, but if you have a girlfriend that you know would make you feel comfortable and make the experience more fun, then please feel free to bring them along. We don't advise bringing boyfriends or spouses as it can be difficult for you to get those more serious expressions when you know they're watching and it can be uncomfortable for them watching you being all sexy in front of someone else.

If your friend wants to join the party then check out our friends discount on the pricing page. Click here for more information on discounts.


By the time your session comes around, we've done so much planning with you that we know exactly what your comfort level is and what poses will work for you to get the pictures you always wanted. We will demonstrate poses for you to get you started and our female assistant will be able to take direction from the photographer, Mat, and make fine adjustments to refine the pose.
Of course, if you're a bedroom diva, you are welcome to rock your own poses and give us a break :)

Expect to have fun

Above all else, plan to have fun. Laughing is a big part of the experience.

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After the Session


Somewhat tongue in cheek, but yes, you will most likely be sore the next day from arching your back and standing on your toes. Ibuprofen definitely helps :)

Viewing session

The week after your session we spend time narrowing down the shots so that we only show you the absolute best of the best. We'll do some initial editing and add a WOW factor to a couple of our favorites so you can see what a finished image looks like.

So about one week after your session, we'll invite you back to the studio to view your images at a private screening.  This is not just a chance to see how beautiful you are but your opportunity to discuss specific retouching or enhancements with Mat.


We have put together a fabulous range of high quality boutique products that are perfect for boudoir and glamour portraits. Whether you want to keep your little secrets tucked away in a personal bedside album or flaunt your sexiness with a large wall portrait, we have plenty of options for all budgets. Click here to take a look at our product lineup.


After you pick your products and place your order, that's when we really go to town giving each image a WOW factor. Our studio prides itself in using traditional magazine quality retouching methods and not one-shot cheap filters that just blur the skin. We remove blemishes, reduce or remove wrinkles, enhance eyes, hair, contrast and on and on.  We want people to look at your images and say, “wow, you look amazing”, not, “oh, that looks Photoshopped.”

Take a look at our retouching examples

Delivery Times

In a world where everything seems instantaneous, I find it hard to tell clients that their art will take a few weeks before they'll receive it. It is worth the wait and will be with you and your family for generations. We are a mom and pop business creating custom art. There's simply no way we can speed up the process and still retain the quality you expect. Believe me, we've tried. At certain times  of the year such as Valentine's Day and Christmas, we work triple time and jump through all possible hoops to turn around your orders quickly. However our normal turnaround time is 4 weeks for print orders and 6 weeks for orders that include books or albums.

Soooooo, if you have a specific date that you need your images by, such as an anniversary or wedding night, please try to plan ahead.

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The Boring but Necessary Stuff

Booking Fee

We require a $100 deposit to confirm your session. Until we receive this, the session is not locked into our calendar and may be booked by someone else.

Session Balance

The balance on your session fee is paid at the time of the photo shoot.

Cancellation / Postponement / Refunds

If you need to cancel your session or postpone your session for whatever reason, we ask that you please try to give us as much notice as possible.  We understand that life sometimes has a way of changing our plans for us, so we are only too happy to help reschedule to another date or postpone your session indefinitely for no extra charge.

If for some reason you are not able to keep your appointment and are not able to reschedule to a different date, we will be happy to provide you with a refund.  If you cancel within 48 hours of your session we charge $50, otherwise there's just a $10 fee to cover our admin costs.

Using the images  on our website

Because boudoir is such a personal experience, we don't ordinarily use your images on our website without first getting your permission. If however you do decide to allow us to use your images, we will give you a 10% discount on all your product purchases.

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Enduring Images Photography Studio specializes in making women look and feel great through stunning glamour and boudoir photography combined with exquisite retouching. Mat & Christine help you unleash your inner model and get in touch with your outer sexy. Proudly serving women in Morris County and throughout NJ.

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